Church Offering Counter Forms

One of my responsibilities at CBC is serving as the 2011 Financial Officer. I’ve recently finished a new set of contribution recording forms for use by our offering counters and wanted to make them available for general use. Please let me know if you have any suggestions for improvement or if you end up using them and find them useful.

The images below link to the PDF versions. The original MS Publisher (.pub) files are also available in the ZIP.

Cash Contribution Worksheet
Contribution Recording Form

Author: Stephen Moody

is an Information Technology professional located in Goodyear, Arizona. Read more at my "About" page.

3 thoughts on “Church Offering Counter Forms”

  1. I just recently took over as treasurer for our church. I am trying to bring the accounting aspect up to the 21st century and these forms will certainly help. Thank you for posting these.

  2. Thank you so much. These are the cleanest counter forms I have found so far. I too just took over as Finance Chairperson and was assigned the financial audit process. With god’s help I have been slowly working with the other members of the committee to make everything more transparent and easier to manage.

    1. I have been in ministry for years and finding the perfect form has been a struggle. I love that you have thought of putting a space for 2 dollar bills and 1/2 dollar coins. for we get a lot of these. The crosscheck section of this form will help eliminate errors, making you look at the money from a different perspective

      Apostle/Sr. Pastor Emmanuel J. Wealthy

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